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Full Metal Panic Rating Community

Full Metal Panic! Ratings
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[フルメタル·パニック!] • the rating

This is a rating community for Full Metal Panic!. A light novel series by Shoji Gatoh (writer) & Shiki Douji (artist) that spawned to manga + anime adaptions. (and possibly a live action movie in the making!)

Join if you're interested in the series and would love to know which FMP! character is your alter-ego.

To get rated, be sure to follow the rules and the captain (mod) will do the stamping! To be officially stamped, it will take around a week (or less), depending on your required numbers of votes. Make sure to vote others as well! (it comes in one package to be stamped)

We are officially listed at ratelist.
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only for top rated SPECIALISTS



RULES: guidelines to be re-enforced

1.1. You must first join as a member in order to participate in this rating community.

2.1.a. Be polite, nice, and civilized.
2.1.b. It is prohibited to create drama, spam, ad, flaming, war, hack, or indecent typings.

3.1. To apply, copy & paste the form from RECRUITMENT, answer them in your most honest way possible, along with explanation if needed. Posting a photo of you is optional.

3.2. Please LJ-cut your application.

3.3. It is advised to make your entry as Members locked.

3.4.a. Please vote for at least three (3) other members once you've joined the community, or once you've submitted your application - or you will not be stamped.
3.4.b. Requirement numbers of affirmative votes you should get is three (3) to be officially stamped.
3.4.c. Yes, you may vote for yourself. (this might change if there is an increasing amount of active members in the future)
3.4.d. Please continue to vote for other members. If caught not doing so, the captain have the right to take back your stamp. (unless there is no more new application)
3.4.e. Please support the pending applications, if you haven't voted for the list yet.

3.5. For after a month since application and if there is no sufficient votes yet, the captain will make the final decision and will have no choice but to stamp, because of lacking members/participation.

4.1. The minimum or affirmative amount of character to vote is one (1), the maximum or alternatives amount to vote is two (2) characters only. It will be appreciated if you can briefly explain the reasons to your voting(s).

4.2. Bold character votes will only be accepted or qualified.

4.3. Tie results will not be allowed. There needs to be more votes in order to determine one affirmative result to be stamped.

5.1. To those who got stamped, please upload your stamp to your own server, and link it back to fmp_rating. It will be much appreciated.

5.2. You are only allowed to get re-stamped once. However, to re-apply, submit your application after a month (from your first official stamped date), vote for at least 3 more members, and patiently wait. That is all.

5.3. Strictly do not simply claim or save stamp(s) and display it as if you deserve or own it when you clearly never gotten stamped by the mod, there are records, and if it is found out that you do so, the captain (and the rest of the Milthril team) will hunt you down.

6.1. To claim that you've read the rules, type "Mithril" somewhere on your application entry title, or LJ-cut text.

6.2. Please do not tag your entry. The captain will handle the tags for all entries.

7.1. Affiliation are most welcomed, but please comment to this entry only, or your post will be deleted and you may be banned.

NOTE: If you so happen to be one of our old affiliates and still do link us, please comment to this entry so that the captain can re-add you, since with the revamp, we lost hold of past records. Thank you.
RECRUITMENT: candidates to apply as the best damn soldiers
Application form:

Beginning MARCH 31, 2011, we will be introducing SPECIAL THEME rating, for stamped members interested to participate for extra rating. Eg. "Look-A-Like/Identical Physical Feature"; "Your FMP! Theme" Application.

operation: reconstruction

under construction



If you have any inquiries about the community, seek for sagaranna. You may also comment in the official entries (character list, stamped list, promotional purpose).